Welcome to Kowhai!

We are a lovely bunch of Year 4 and 5 students working and learning together with our teacher Mrs Bennett.  Our schoolwide learning theme for the year is “Journeys Through Time and Place” and within this overall theme we have a different classroom focus in each of the four terms.  All curriculum areas (mathematics, literacy, arts, science, health, physical education) will be taught within and through the various foci.

In the first term we embark on “My Learning Journey” – this includes thinking about how we learn best and how we can best help ourselves on our own learning journey.  In the second term we venture into a “Kiwi Wonderland” – Kowhai students look back in time to prehistoric New Zealand and then forward to the future of endangered native New Zealand bird and/or animal species.  In the third term we immerse ourselves in “Explorers and Discoveries” – the past, present and future of space travel.  Finally, in the fourth term, we investigate “Heroes and Villains” – with a particular focus on the purpose and work of the police in New Zealand.  All of these learning frameworks have been developed after consultation with the children about what interests, excites and ultimately motivates them to learn!

Underpinning our academic learning and interwoven into everyday classroom life, is our Waioneke Student Graduate Profile outlining our all-important “soft skills” (managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing, resilience etc.) Our student-developed Classroom Treaty shows our understanding of, and commitment to demonstrating, these invaluable personal qualities.


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