Hello and Welcome to Karaka. I am the teacher Mrs Ward and I have been in in Karaka with this year level for the last 3 years. As a teacher what is important to me is building strong relationships with the students and their families, and having a fun, safe environment for the students to learn in. We are working hard to understand and achieve all the aspects of the Student Graduate profile. (insert copy of SGP?). We are a Year 2/3 class filled with students who are energetic and show great curiosity to learning.

This year our learning focus is on Journeys through Time and Place.

Term One was a focus on learning and Growth mindset. It all began with use getting to know each other and thinking about what we want our class to be and the rules that we think are important to follow. We used this to make our class treaty. The hands represent that we are reaching to be the best that we can be. (insert Class treaty photo)

This was a great term for students learning about what can help them learn, what they need to do to help themselves learn best and the importance of having a positive ‘can do’ attitude to learning.

Term Two is going to see us focussing on New Zealand and the wonderland that it is. We will be looking at the plants and animals that we can see in the different areas in New Zealand and then looking at our great area of South head. This was where students showed interest when looking at what they would like to learn about in this area of learning.

Term Three will have a focus on Explorers and their discoveries. The students have shown an interest in learning about discoveries in the Antarctic and underwater. We are going to be great explorers in the classroom, discovering some great learning and information.

Term Four has a focus on Heroes and Villains. The students have expressed that they would like to learn about the heroes during times of disasters like Titanic and times of conflict and war. It will be a great term for students to focus on heroes and how they help others and think about the ways that they may be able to help in their community.

This year is going to be a great year of learning and we are all looking forward to what this year has in store for us.

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